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There is a need of definition and contouring on the main body and tail (to bring it back) especially with the highlighting on the head,...


I'm partly famous!!

Tue Mar 1, 2011, 10:23 AM
My butt is famous!! Chilm's made a webpage! Check it out (the site, but if you see my butt in passing...) its aweome! How do I write a testmonial again?
.... quick update, its not justmy perky butt, but also some more of me Huzzah!!!

I also do poetry: SheI am the incandescent she,
Who comes in the depth of night,
I am the multi-faceted spectre
Robed in glistening gossamer red,
The iridescent Mistress of your
Personal unfathomable lust.
The opalescent black winged
Goddess of unspeakable desire,
The illustrious mother
Of all the worldly daemons,
I am eternal, and ageless,  
My wisdom is endless,
My hunger is ravenous insatiable.
I am young whilst the earth is old.
Behold my majesty of flashing onyx eyes
That will drown you in their depths
Infinite black free flowing hair,
Ruby red luscious lips, hot caramel curves,
Dimpled spine arches, and skin so soft
And smooth, you could die in it.
No one else can touch you
Like I can touch you.
No one else can read you
I know your deepest darkest desires
I bow down to no man,  I will not submit,
Not even Yahweh himself
but I will make you do so in return.
For I can have any man any man at all
That I wish to, whether or not you are willing,
Whether or not you are awake.
I swallow
Neil SkinsNeil Skins
A mist of hot steam rolls into the hall
Strange fluffy bubble islands float like clouds
On unseen hot see-through liquid surface.
Ears perk up for that giveaway sound of,
clothes shed like the choice of skin of the day.
All with precise un-conscious ritual.
Into a neat little hill of Neil-skin
Soft, still warm in a spot where once, near by,
for a while, was a very naked boy.
festering for youSometimes I do wish that I was
a blemish on your warm sweet face
Left to fester for days to ooze,
to blossom white and splurt with grace.
Warm and cozy, nestled in your skin,
Wants to love you from within.

Mature Content

Just like thatAwake in the dark night.
The chams spans too wide
Between our two cold backs.
Yawning void of duvet.
Murmering softly you,
Are unaware whilst I,
Will sleep to fall on
my restless soul, mind and eyes,
Till I shuffle over
softly cooing your name,
and you plunge your head to my breasts,
breathing me in and
I forget what was the
matter when you hug me,
and it washes away,
salty tears of the night.
wishes lost in the mistLast night I was visited by many apparitions,
They came to me, as I asked of them.
They were in a mass grave plot of my own,
In amongst the ivy covered corner to the left.
Everyone has one; some may have a few.
Tucked out of line of sight in a safe secret plot.
With strict instructions on not to open unless alone,
On secret auspicious ritualised dates.
Breath trapped in your throat for eternity.
Never quite remembering how strong some still are.
Drawn by their vampyric powers that,
Dare you to look, so of course, you do.
The smoke of the ages hark back at you with the,
Smell of ageing airless blood-written love spells on paper.
Vials of tears, ink and a whisper of ancient flowers.
The ghosts drift round you dust covered and wan.
Hoarded newspaper clippings, stubs, hearts,
postit notes, deadheaded roses and poetry,
(That makes you blush) and endearments,
Littered with "I love you's" and sighs.
Making you remember for a split second like,
You were there for the first time reading.
Broken haloesHere I lie at yo ur feet.
My heart cleaved clean in two.
By words I never thought,
I would hear drop like stones
Falling from your sweet lips.
My sad soul torn appart
drained, congealed, and withered.
The dread stops still in
my heavy chest. I'm beyond
repair, I thought you might
help fix me, yet I
lie. Unfixably broken.
Holding back choking bile.
Wholly alone, in your arms.
Not sure where to go next.
JumpStanding, toes over the edge.
Do not look down or vertigo will rule.
The dark waters calling, from within those incomparable depths.
The voices faint, hardly audible, but loud enough to be deafening.
Green waters, do not know what is underneath.
Sun atop the peaks of each rise, of each wave.
Golden lights forever dancing.
Moving as rhough carressed by the sunbeam- kisses quivering like an immense jello-bowl, under the sun.
Adrenaline racing, forever though the steel brick wall of oblivion.
Take my hand we will leap, dive, plunge into space and time and nothingness my friend.
Your hair straight, soft, flaxen, silken, silver-gold shines.
Your eyes alive light up as you look down into the mass below.
Falling endlessly, limbs flailing forever until..
The sting of contact, soft warm skin, slapping the surface to the depths where sunlight does not touch the cold.
Spray risies from nowhere, to everywhere,
Whats flying as we plunge down down into the inky dark.
Bubbles rising, water now an env
ShatteredThe mask of deviance that you should wear on your face. Stone cold, icy expresion staring out.
Hateful searing whittling glares
Eyes sparkling benevolently as a viper to prey.
Waiting to pounce.
Shoulders hard and stiff.
Like a block of ivory you stand, set and rigid.
Hands on thrust out hips.
Feet appart ready to strike- Full force
Curses like sewage spew, splattering all
that it touches pitching them with tar.
Dripping black anger frustration inside your blood boils at frenzy point.
Your lips crushed into a tense white line.
Crinkled up like a prune, out of proportion.
Eyebrows raised in indignation.
Voice gutteral and loud.
Blood rushes to your forehead,
Pounding beating thumping into your brain,
like a maniac onto your darkest soul.
Tunnel vision tuned into destruction
to an ultimate twisted goal.
Victory, bitter sweet victory
As anger fades to dust and blackness is forgotten.
For now, for now, until it rises its many ugly head again.
Anger is put to bed in the black.
How to mend a broken heartHow to mend a broken heart- for my littlest gothling
First of all, get up off the floor, like a big girl.
Little one, they are just not worth crying over.
You drunken mess! Breathe deeply, and centre yourself.
What did you expect with those lofty aspirations?
Assumptions make an ass of you and me it’s true.
Fetch tissues to mop your puddle of painful tears.
Ill hold you as you do it, I will even help.
I wish I could help more, but you have to do that.
Not entirely alone, although it may feel like that.
Your shrine for him, perched too precariously high,
Plummeted down in the strong winds of last night’s storm.
No supports, no ladder, no string to hold it down.
That’s where it all starts, with forevers, eternity,
And always ends with “I hate you’s and “now goodbye”
Take a pair of scissors, cut out his face from your mind.
Use a tweezers if you must. Cut it up into parts
Smallest pieces you can and then place to one side.
Now move onto your poor sad, fr
My GrandadMy Grandad Parker is a fabulous
Dashing fellow decked in tweed blazer,
Grandad drives a Mazda MX5,
Coloured in racing green (but of course!)
Dons his fave tweed cap and tweed tie,
He stands up to go, straightens his coat,
With a roar, spurts off into the night.
When he’s looking serious, he looks like
Clint Eastwood and does a wicked
Impression of ‘the’ Victor Mildrew.
Hes a Fellings man born and bred,
A gentle giant with big blue eyes.
He joined the Newcastle force,
Inspiration to my own Daddy,
Who joined the Royal Hong Kong Police.
Somethings we have in common are:
Poetry and our love of painting.
He writes great visual poetry,
And enjoys water colour paintings,
Of importance places and buildings.
I hope he likes the web page I made,
To show the world his grand creations.
He’s honest, and kind and giving too!
He has a cracking sense of humour
And a stupendous belly chortle.
He is super wicked is my Grandad.
DelinquentOn a collision course with destruction
Which path to choose
A world full of disillusionment
No matter what you’re going to lose
Words moving round your head
Worlds going round in a roundabout
The devil is my father
I am the devils spawn
Zombie, and lead-footed
Till I’m dead
Life what is that? I am without
Live in hell, die I’d rather
Bricked in by the roses burn,
Delinquent they call me,
Ruin written on my face
Am I a delinquent was I a mistake?
Why do I live in such disquiet?
How many times does my mind have to break?
Why do you look at me the way you do?
Why do I spew all these lies?
Death seems the way to start
Or rather live and let die.

I am members of these clubs: :iconflower-lovers: :iconunframed-nature: :iconperspectate: :iconamateurphotography: :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconanalogshots: :iconcherry-blossom-love: :iconmountainshots: :iconcityscapes-club: :iconscapes::iconskyandnatureclub: :iconglamour: :iconsunsets: :iconglamour-portraits::iconeliteartists::iconfineartnudes: :iconfleshforfantasy: :iconnatures-beauty-club: :icon :iconpainters: :iconrainbow-trinity: :iconrestlessphotographer: :iconunseen-photographers: :iconwriters-club:
  • Listening to: tilt your head back
  • Reading: the screen
  • Watching: my screen
  • Playing: not with myself (sigh)
  • Eating: not much
  • Drinking: probably squash,


La Papillion Noir
United Kingdom
Current Residence: bordering Essex & Herts, Honkers and Philli
Favourite genre of music: give me some happy hardcore dirtty base-line, glam acoustic cock rock, eyeliner and attitude
Favourite photographer: Hockney
Favourite style of art: hmm love popart, love oriental art, art deco, graf, most everything, anything that helps inspire me
Operating System: Windows, I guess, but Mac has cool noises
MP3 player of choice: i pod mais oui, mines pink and blue and covered in rubber, just the way all things should be
Shell of choice: Snuggled safe and warm, as a carbuncle, Inside your skin.
Wallpaper of choice: I quite like the old fashioned prints that are happening at the mo,
Skin of choice: as you well know, I am against the fur trade vehmently so it would be a layer of latex all over.
Favourite cartoon character: Cat woman not Halle Berry, but good old fashioned Michelle Pfeiffer, She was PURRFECT
Personal Quote: why are all the Jaffa's always gone?



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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back you are liked, but if you get 7 back then you are seriously loved.
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